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Auto Repair Services: Brakes

Here at Interstate Automotive in Olympia, Washington, we offer outstanding auto repair services, including brake repair. Here are some of the service options we have available for our customers:

Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement

If your brakes are experiencing issues, you can usually tell by the sound they’re making. Squealing is an indication of wear and tear, while metallic grinding means it’s time to get off the road immediately and come into our shop to get those fixed.

Resurface Rotors

Disc brake systems are operated by rotors that are attached to your the wheels. The brake pads grip the rotor to stop the wheels. The friction created during this process can create problematic grooves and cracks. We can fix this by resurfacing your rotors to get them working like new again.

Caliper Replacement

Your brake pads are housed by the brake calipers, which clamp around the rotor, and push the pads and rotor together whenever you brake. If you have an issue with your brake calipers, it can cause a delay in your braking, which is incredibly dangerous, especially in slippery weather conditions.

Brake Hoses

The brake hose carries brake fluid to the brakes, so if it’s crushed, it can also cause delayed braking. A leak can cause the brake, or the entire system, to fail. This is dangerous and should be replaced at the first sign of a problem.

Brake Fluid Flushes

Brake fluid can absorb water over time, causing the brake system to become less effective or damaged. This is why it’s essential to perform a brake fluid flush occasionally to freshen up the fluid and keep your brake system working correctly.

Wheel Bearings

Bearings allow the wheels to spin; they’re connected to the brake system and can eventually worn out, which is often characterized by vibrating or noise. If they break completely, your car will be hard to control. You should be having your bearings checked regularly by a professional.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

Anti-lock brake systems prevent the car from skidding, optimizing your control. If the ABS dashboard light is on, contact us to diagnose and repair the problem.

Our experienced and compassionate auto repair technicians will be happy to address any concerns you may have with your brakes. Give us a call at 360-754-4523, and we will inform you of our list of comprehensive auto repair services.

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