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Aside from all the different mechanical parts, your vehicle’s electronic parts are just as important. Lacking in proper electronic auto repair and maintenance for your vehicle often results in unsafe and overall bad driving experiences. Electronics tend to malfunction without explanation, so it is a pretty common problem among car owners. Unfortunately for you, your vehicle usually won’t tell you what the issue is. There are too many potential issues to include dashboard lights and symbols for every single one. But that’s what we’re here for.

If you’re experiencing any kind of electronic problems with your car in Olympia of Thurston County, WA, contact Interstate Automotive today and we’ll provide you with the effective and efficient auto repair services you need. Our comprehensive and competitively priced electrical automotive repair services include the following:


Cars nowadays run on a computer system, which send signals to the other mechanical parts of your car to tell it what to do. The computer systems are different for each type of car, depending especially on the year they were made. Whatever kind of car you have, we will fix the problem for you to the best of our abilities.


Sometimes your car will tell you there’s an issue, but won’t tell you what it is. Here at Interstate Automotive, we work with quality diagnostic equipment that we trust to help us find the root of the problem in order to fix it right the first time.


If you’re experiencing reduced or inconsistent drivability in your car, don’t wait any longer. Contact Interstate Automotive today, and we’ll figure out what the problem is to get you back on the road safely.

Engine Controls

Believe it or not, the engine controls have electrical components as well. Since the engine is really what is powering your entire vehicle, this can quickly become a big issue if it is not addressed properly and right away.

If you’re in Olympia, Thurston, Lewis, or Mason County, WA and in need of electronic services or any other auto repair, give the auto repair experts a call at Interstate Automotive.

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