How to Know if your Transmission Needs Repair

transmission repairMost drivers would find it challenging to know when their car needs transmission repair. It’s important to be aware of the signs of a troubled transmission so you can get your vehicle checked right away.

Signs your Transmission Needs Repair

1. Your car vibrates while driving

Do you experience strange vibrations or shimmying sensations while driving, especially at a particular speed or range of speeds? These can indicate a problem with your transmission. A component may need to be replaced.

2. Transmission Slips or Hesitates

If you hear the engine rev up, but do not experience an increase in speed, youer transmission may be slipping. This might be especially apparent when starting the car early on a cool morning.

3. Warning Light Appears on Dashboard

If you see a light flashing on your dashboard that says O/D (Overdrive Gear), it is a sign the diagnostic system is registering an issue with the transmission.

4. Burning or Chemical Smells

The transmission becomes very hot while operating. Without the correct fluid levels to keep it cool, it can overheat and fail. Chemical or burning smells while driving may indicate an overheated transmission.

5. Leaking Fluid Under the Car

If you notice that brown, red or pink fluid is leaking or puddling your car, it could be transmission fluid from a faulty seal or gasket. Transmission fluid needs to be changed at intervals to avoid expensive repairs—at 60,000, 90,000 miles and again at 120,000-150,000 miles.

Get Suspected Transmission Problems Investigated Promptly

Some transmission issues can be fixed inexpensively, while others are a very expensive proposition. Our experienced technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and tell you exactly what needs to be done to fix it.

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