Important Car Tire Maintenance Information

car tire maintenanceAs a car owner, you should already know just how vitally important your car tires are. Proper car tire maintenance doesn’t just keep you and others safe, it also helps your vehicle perform better for a longer time. Unfortunately, however, most people neglect their tires. While taking your car in to see an auto technician for regular car maintenance is important, there’s more you can and should be doing for your tires. Here are several car tire maintenance practices you should understand.

Tires Need Attention as Seasons Change

The weather and changing seasons will impact your tires. In fact, a temperature degree shift of as little as ten degrees can cause the pressure in your tires to change. It’s unsafe to drive with lower tire pressure. To prevent this, take your vehicle to an auto service shop for car tire maintenance as the seasons change.

Remember to Rotate Your Tires

Tires don’t last forever. As you drive, friction causes the rubber to wear down. Wear doesn’t occur evenly, however. Over time this will impact the way your car drives. To prevent this, remember to ask your auto repair specialist to rotate your tires the next time you’re in for car maintenance.

New Tires Always Go on the Back

Replacing tires is part of good car tire maintenance. Buying four new tires simultaneously is always best. If this isn’t an option, however, always have your auto repair shop place new tires at the rear of your vehicle. This is true even if you own a front-wheel drive vehicle.

Need Car Tire Maintenance?

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Expert Car Tire Maintenance

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