Do You Need Transmission Replacement or Repair in Ferndale?

transmission replacement, transmission repairAre you experiencing problems with your vehicle’s transmission in Ferndale, Washington? You may need transmission replacement or repair. Continuing to drive your car or truck with a failing transmission can be extremely damaging and may result in even more expensive auto repair down the road. If you notice an issue, it would be wise to have an auto technician assess it as soon as possible. Bring your vehicle in for transmission replacement or repair if you notice any of the following signs in Ferndale.

Chronically Slipping Clutch

If you drive a car or truck with a standard transmission, you’re already familiar with how a clutch is supposed to function. This mechanism is what allows drivers to shift gears while accelerating or decelerating. When the clutch fails, or “slips,” you may be unable to smoothly shift gears. Depending on the extent of the damage, your auto shop may be able to repair it. Otherwise, transmission replacement might be needed.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

Another sign you need transmission replacement or transmission repair is difficulty shifting between gears. You should have an auto technician carefully examine your vehicle right away because a sticky shifter can be extremely problematic.

Fluid Leaks

Have you noticed fluids pooling under your car or truck while you’re parked? If the fluid is red, you might need transmission replacement services. Make an appointment with your auto shop as soon as possible to have someone look at this leak.

Need Transmission Replacement in Ferndale?

Do you think you need transmission replacement in Ferndale, Washington? If your transmission is giving you trouble, don’t wait to call a specialist. Schedule the auto service you need today! Contact the experts at Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia to receive honest diagnostics, reliable advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. Our technicians are here to help with all your transmission replacement, auto repair, diesel repair and RV repair needs.

Transmission Replacement in Ferndale

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