Is Your Car Engine Overheating in Olympia

overheating engine, overheated engineIs your car engine overheating in Olympia, Washington? If you’ve never dealt with an overheated vehicle before, the experience can be quite startling. This is something you should take seriously, because ignoring an overheated car or truck engine can result in significant damage. While an auto technician can examine your vehicle, identify the underlying issue, and repair it, this doesn’t help you when your engine overheats. At that moment, you need to know how to handle your vehicle. Take the following steps when your car engine overheats in Olympia.

Turn Your Car Off

The first step in dealing with an overheating car engine is to stop driving and turn off your car. You may be tempted to drive to the nearest auto shop for assistance, but don’t. Continuing to drive now could have disastrous and expensive consequences for your vehicle.

Let Everything Cool Down

Next, you need to let your vehicle cool down. You can’t rush this process. It will take time and you need to accept that. You should also avoid touching the radiator cap while your car engine is overheated. Trying to remove the cap can also be dangerous, because pressure build-up can cause it to blow off and hit you.

Add Coolant

Once your car engine is cool enough, you should add more coolant. If you don’t have any coolant on hand, it’s acceptable to use water instead. An auto repair specialist can also do this for you.

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