Winter Tires: Tips from Expert Auto Technicians in Lacey

winter tires

Winter is here, but is your car or truck really ready for what these cold months have in store? For drivers in Lacey, Washington, it’s absolutely imperative that you have winter tires on your vehicle. Because inclement weather can make roads extremely hazardous, driving without appropriate equipment can have serious consequences. To prepare for safer driving this season, talk with an auto technician about seasonal auto maintenance. This includes discussing which winter tires would be best for your car or truck in Lacey. Keep the following tips in mind.

Always Get Winter Tires

If you’ll be driving on roads with snow and ice, you need to invest in winter tires. Talk to a specialist at your local auto shop to find out which tires will suit your specific driving needs best.

All-Season Tires Aren’t Sufficient

Do you already have all-season tires? Any winter tire expert will tell you that these aren’t ideal for snowy or icy conditions. You should buy new tires for this specific purpose.

Avoid Tire Chains and Pavement

Chains are a good option for people in areas with constant snow. They are not, however, functional on snow-free pavement. Your auto repair specialist can advise whether chains are necessary when you have your winter tires installed.

Need New Winter Tires in Lacey?

Do you need new winter tires for your vehicle in Lacey, Washington? Now that you are more familiar with winter tires and how important they really are, it’s time to speak with a specialist in your area. Contact the professionals at Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia to receive expert tire advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians is capable to handling any and all of your auto maintenance and repair needs. You can also count on us for diesel repair, transmission repair and RV repair services.

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