Brake Repair Indicators in Lacey

brake repair indicators, brake repairAre there indicators there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s brakes in Lacey, Washington? It may be time to schedule brake repair with an auto service technician in your area. With inclement weather still possible this winter, it’s imperative to keep up with auto maintenance and repair issues as they arise. Roads can be dangerous enough without a failing brake system. Contact a professional right away if you notice any of the following indicators:

Grinding Sounds

An early indicator that it’s time to schedule brake repair for your car or truck is a grinding sound. You’ll notice this most when stopping your vehicle, but it can be present at other times as well. Strange noises should always be addressed by an auto repair specialist.

Spongy Pedal

Do you have to push down really hard on your brake pedal to cause a response? This is a sign your brake pads are worn down. Talk to an auto repair shop about brake repair options as soon as possible.


Vibrations can be indicative of a number of vehicle issues, but a common cause is brake system failure. A brake repair specialist can determine the cause of the shaking. Warped pads are often the culprit.

Need Brake Repair in Lacey?

Do you need to schedule brake repair for your car or truck in Lacey, Washington? If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned issues, make an appointment with a professional right away. The pros at Interstate Automotive Inc. offer a wide variety of superior vehicle maintenance and repair services, including diesel repair, transmission repair and RV repair. Our highly-trained technicians have spent years establishing an excellent reputation in the region. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to address all your maintenance and repair needs. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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