Why You Should Never Skip an Oil Change in Olympia

oil changeWhether you’re a frequent traveler or just commute for work, it’s important to recognize when your car is due for an oil change. In general, you should bring your vehicle to an auto technician to have the oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles. There are high-performance oils that enable longer mileage between changes, but you have to specifically request these synthetic oils. Even with high-grade oils, you can’t eschew routine oil checks from a professional. The engine will suffer significantly and experience premature wear and tear.

Oil Keeps Your Engine Lubricated

Routine oil changes at an auto service center keep the engine lubricated so that it performs at its maximum capability. Engine components will grind against one another and quickly erode if the oil dries up and turns to sludge.

Oil Keeps Rusting at Bay

Rust is really bad for your vehicle. Preventing rust is a crucial element of proper car maintenance. Oil changes offset rust and keep it from forming on the engine metal parts.

Oil Prevents Overheating

You never want your engine to overheat. Fresh oil ensures the vehicle operates at the optimum temperature. Neglecting an oil change may cause the engine to overwork and accumulate too much heat for the radiator to remove.

We Perform an Oil Change on all Models in Olympia

Is your car due for an oil change? Don’t hold off on this pivotal aspect of car care. Drop your car off at Interstate Automotive Inc. today to have the oil changed or drained. Our seasoned and knowledgeable mechanics will be glad to provide assistance. To learn more about our auto service and offerings, browse our website for more information. Stuck somewhere? We provide free towing for major repairs! Call (360) 529–0771 to book an appointment today.

Oil Change Services in Olympia

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