Know When Your Car Needs Engine Maintenance in Lacey

engine maintenanceAre you having problems with your car in Lacey, Washington? You may require engine maintenance or repair. It can be tricky knowing when your car is due for a checkup at an auto shop. While it’s always ideal to get help from a licensed auto technician, the following symptoms can alert you of engine irregularities that require professional diagnosing.

Loud Noises

Your vehicle shouldn’t make loud sounds beyond the steady hum of your engine. If you hear what sounds like a metallic knocking during acceleration, then something is wrong with the engine.

Increased Exhaust

Some exhaust output is normal. If, however, your car starts to produce more and more exhaust, or there’s a change in the smoke’s color, you should bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop right away.

Reduced Power

Another symptom that it’s time for engine maintenance is power reduction. This is especially obvious during acceleration. If the car feels slow to pick up speed, then there’s likely an engine issue. Cars should not hesitate during acceleration.

Need an Engine Maintenance Technician in Lacey?

Do you need an engine maintenance technician in Lacey? Now that you’re versed in the symptoms of an engine malfunction, it’s time to seek a trustworthy automotive shop in your region. Contact Interstate Automotive Inc. at the first signs of engine wear; don’t delay. Procrastinating only leads to more damage over time, leading to more expensive engine repair or perhaps even a whole engine rebuild. Browse our site to learn about the diverse range of automotive services we provide, including diesel and RV repair. Make an appointment by calling (360) 979-1970. We look forward to getting your vehicle back in operating condition in minimal time.

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