Schedule Auto Repair When You See These Dashboard Warning Lights Near Lynden

dashboard warning lightsHas one of your car’s dashboard warning lights abruptly lit up near Lynden, Washington? The worst thing you can do is ignore this and continue to drive like everything is fine. You need to have the car looked at by a professional auto technician to determine what’s going on. Be mindful of the following and common warning lights and their implications.


If you see this dashboard warning light, in the shape of a car engine, it means there’s an issue with the engine. This light can be a warning of any number of problems. You’ll need to make arrangements for auto repairs ASAP to prevent existing problems from exacerbating.


You shouldn’t have any oil issues provided that you follow oil change intervals. Nevertheless, if this light comes on, then have the motor oil looked at right away. There may be an oil leak, or the oil may be eroding and turning into sludge.


This warning light is in the shape of an exclamation mark inside a set of parenthesis. Damaged brakes are a serious safety liability. Get your car to the auto repair shop without haste.

Did Your Dashboard Warning Lights Near Lynden Come On?

Has your dashboard lights come on? Your car is alerting you that a mechanical irregularity has occurred. Ignoring it will only make the problem worse and may also elevate the risk of a total breakdown on the road. Don’t gamble with your safety and the health of your automobile. Bring your vehicle to Interstate Automotive Inc. for a prompt inspection. We employ state-of-the-art equipment for an accurate diagnosis. Our service is comprehensive and also includes diesel repair and RV repair. Let us be your go-to crew for your automotive maintenance needs.

Dashboard Warning Lights Inspection Near Lynden

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