Reasons to Choose a Vehicle with an Automatic Transmission Near Blaine

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Are you in the midst of purchasing a new vehicle in or near Blaine, Washington? Most drivers opt for automatic transmission over manual transmission. This makes sense given the former is far easier to handle without having to manually change gears. Here are a few additional reasons such transmissions are advantageous for the majority of commuters.

Easy Gear Transitions

Driving a manual transmission vehicle requires your full attention, not to mention both arms and both legs for shifting gears and applying the clutch. It’s just extra work most drivers would rather not have to deal with, especially in longer commutes.

Easier Driving on Hills

Driving on an incline can be difficult with a stick-shift car. It’s easy for the car to roll back, potentially hitting the vehicle behind you. This is a non-issue in automatic transmissions where the gears are always engaged. Regardless of transmission type, driving on hills can be taxing on this vital car part, so have a transmission repair shop inspect your vehicle regularly if you often drive on an inclining road.

Comparable Engine Power

The prevailing belief is that manual transmissions have higher engine and transmission torque and power. This was true of older vehicles. However, modern automotive technology has improved tremendously in the past decade, and automatic transmissions nowadays are comparable in performance to their manual transmission counterpart.

Need an Automatic Transmission Expert Near Blaine?

Do you require vehicle servicing in or near Blaine? If you suspect transmission troubles, then don’t hesitate and make an appointment for auto servicing immediately. Procrastinating will only prolong the existing problems. For professional diagnostics, contact Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia today. Our crew performs repairs on all transmission types, including those from RVs and diesel trucks.

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