Is Your Car Engine Overheating in Olympia?

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An overheating engine mid-commute can happen suddenly and be a distressing situation in Olympia, Washington. If smoke is blowing out of the hood, then the vehicle clearly needs attention from an auto technician. However, what do you do at the moment right as you begin noticing smoke? Learn how to properly respond when the engine gets too hot.

Turn the Car Off

The first thing to do is to pull over when safe to do so and turn off the car. Preferably, this should be at a parking spot, though you may have to settle for the side of the road. Some people may be tempted to locate the nearest auto service station. However, don’t do this if it means driving longer than necessary.

Let Everything Cool Down

Allow the engine to cool off. Open the hood to release the smoke, but be careful not to touch anything. The radiator cap will especially be hot to the touch, so keep your hands off anything under the hood and just let the smoke dissipate. Attempting to remove the radiator cap is also dangerous because inner pressure can cause the cap to blow off and smack you in the face with extreme force.

Add Coolant

Once the engine has had time to cool off, add some coolant. If you don’t have any coolant in your trunk, then the next best solution is to add distilled water. From here, even if you think your car is safe enough to drive, err on the side of caution and have your car towed to the nearest auto shop.

Have an Overheating Engine in Olympia?

An overheating engine can happen out of the blue. Make Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia your go-to automotive shop in the event your car is blowing smoke. We can perform an immediate diagnosis and assess whether your vehicle is safe to drive. Apart from general automobile care, we also perform related services like diesel and transmission repair.

Overheating Engine Diagnoses in Olympia

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