Important Spring Auto Maintenance to Schedule Near Tumwater

spring auto maintenance

Spring is in full bloom. This means a shift in weather. This is a time of year to make new changes. Make this the season of car care by bringing your vehicle in for spring auto maintenance. Here are some auto services that we recommend as part of spring vehicle care.

Fluids Check

Fluids gradually evaporate even when not in use. They may also leak through an opening in the hoses. Schedule maintenance with a mechanic to examine your fluid levels and top them off if low. It’s especially a good idea to perform a motor oil check and a possible oil change before summer.

Tire Inspection

Tire health is especially important now that temperatures are rising. A mere 10-degree increase in temperature is enough to affect tire pressure. Check the psi of each tire to confirm they’re at least within five psi of the manufacturer’s recommended psi. Be sure to also check the treads for excessive wear and balding.

Battery Check

Have a technician perform a voltage check on the battery. Temperature fluctuations can stress the battery fluids. With winter over and spring in full swing, the battery may abruptly fail, especially if you had it for several years. Battery care can offset major auto repairs. It also ensures you don’t end up stranded because your car refuses to start.

Need Spring Auto Maintenance Near Tumwater?

Are you ready to schedule spring auto maintenance for your car or truck near Tumwater? Make an appointment with Interstate Automotive to bring your vehicle to our shop. Our technicians will perform the appropriate examinations and perform tune-ups where necessary. Aside from conventional automobiles, we also perform repair work on diesel vehicles. Make this spring the season to give your car the extra attention it deserves.

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Posted on March 20, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business