Olympia Auto Repair Shop: Signs It’s Time for a Car Battery Replacement

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Do you suspect you may need a car battery replacement? The battery will usually give you signs it’s on the brink of failure. To avoid a dead battery, bring your vehicle in for auto service in Olympia if you notice the following symptoms.

Engine Cranks Slowly

When you turn the ignition, is it taking longer than normal to crank? If you notice a sluggish engine, the battery may be low on power. Bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop to perform a voltage test on the battery. If the cranking causes the battery to die altogether, then you’ll need to arrange for towing to get the car to an auto shop.

Check Engine Light is On

Did the check engine light come on? The check engine light can indicate a number of problems, among which is a dying battery. A technician will need to perform a diagnosis to determine the underlying problem. 

Battery Case is Swelling

Does the battery case appear swollen or bulging from the sides? This is a clear giveaway that you need a new battery. A swollen battery case is especially common during temperature extremes in the summer and winter. This is a sign of molecular changes taking place within the fluids inside the battery cell.

Need a Car Battery Replacement in Olympia?

Is your battery exhibiting signs of low juice? It’s time for an appointment with the pros at Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia. A car battery replacement is essential to ensure your car doesn’t fail to start in the most inopportune moment. We can perform a voltage check; based on the results, we can charge the battery or replace it. Leave it to us to get your car back on the road in no time.

Car Battery Replacement in Olympia

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