Signs You Need Transmission Repair Near Tumwater

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Are you concerned there’s something wrong with your vehicle near Tumwater, Washington? Depending on the symptoms, your car may require a transmission repair. It’s crucial that drivers recognize the potential transmission repair signs and schedule auto repair right away. Holding off can lead to further damage, potentially leading to an expensive transmission rebuild or even an entire replacement. Here are the signs to keep an eye out for. Take action by scheduling an appointment. You don’t want to ignore these signs and continue to drive as if nothing is wrong.

Whining and/or Clunking Sounds

Whining and/or clunking noises may be an early indicator of something wrong with the transmission. Don’t ignore these sounds because they’re not normal. Schedule auto service if you hear these unusual sounds while the vehicle is in motion.

Burning Smells

Unusual odors also warrant an immediate stop at a mechanic shop. A burning smell is usually a sign of overheating transmission fluid. This can lead to accelerated wear of the transmission if the issue is ignored for prolonged periods.

Engine Light Activation

A telltale sign you require transmission repair is if the check engine light comes on. Of course, the light icon can indicate a number of problems, so there’s really no way of knowing for certain until you have a technician run a diagnostic check.

Don’t Ignore the Transmission Repair Signs Near Tumwater

Do you suspect your vehicle may be due for transmission servicing near Tumwater? If any of the above transmission repair signs are apparent, don’t delay and schedule an appointment with Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia. Our seasoned and certified technicians have years of experience performing transmission and engine diagnosing on most models. Our repair specialties are diverse and also include diesel and RV servicing among others.

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