How to Know if your Transmission Needs Repair Near Lacey

transmission repairMost car owners have a hard time knowing when their vehicles are due for transmission repair near Lacey. This is why it’s crucial to identify the signs and act immediately. A faulty transmission can cause long-term damage and negatively impact performance.

1. Car Vibrates While in Motion

Do you notice vibrations or shaking sensations, particularly when accelerating or at a specific range of speed? This is usually an indicator of abnormalities going on in the transmission.

2. Transmission Slips or Hesitates

When you accelerate, you should pick up speed while clearly hearing the engine rev up. However, if you only notice the latter with zero change in speed, then the transmission may be slipping gears. You’ll especially notice this in the morning when starting the car for the first time in the day.

3. Warning Light Flashes on the Dashboard

If you see a lighted icon on your dashboard that says O/D (Overdrive Gear), the diagnostic system is registering a transmission problem. This requires immediate attention from an auto repair service.

4. Burning or Chemical Smells

The transmission accrues heat while the car is in operation. If there’s a lack of fluid, the transmission can get too hot and fail. If this happens, your nose may pick up on a burning and chemical-like smell. The odor stems from a burning transmission.

5. Fluid Leaking Under the Car

Fluid under the car may simply be condensation, which is harmless. However, if the fluid is brownish or reddish, it could be a sign of a damaged gasket or seal. You’ll need to repair the damage and top off the transmission fluid.

Leave Transmission Repair Near Lacey to Us

Entrust transmission repair to the team at Interstate Automotive. Our auto service has years of performing transmission maintenance and rebuilds on civilian and commercial fleet vehicles. Our portfolio is diverse and also includes diesel engine repairs.

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