How to Maximize Your Car Transmission’s Life Near Tumwater

car transmissionYour car transmission is an essential component of your vehicle near Tumwater. Transmission repair and rebuilds are quite expensive, which is reason enough to keep wear to a minimum. While your local auto technician can perform small-scale repairs as they come up, prevention measures are the best course of action. Here are easy and inexpensive ways to extend transmission life.

Flush Your Transmission

You don’t need a transmission flush as often as an oil change. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary task that should be performed in accordance with your vehicle’s user manual. This removes most contaminants and impurities from the transmission’s internal system.

Select Synthetic Fluids

Synthetic fluids are best for most modern transmissions. However, always consult with a technician regarding the best motor oil options for your automobile make and model. Synthetic oils may cost more, but their higher heat tolerance makes them a more effective solution for maintaining smooth engine and transmission performance. Refer to your car’s instruction manual to find out what oil type is recommended by the manufacturer.

Invest in Cooling Technologies

Some car owners also utilize accessory add-ons to assist in automotive performance. One such contraption is a cooling fan that you can attach to the transmission. Cooling fans are quite affordable and keep the transmission from becoming too hot.

Need Car Transmission Assistance Near Tumwater?

Do you need professional assistance with your car transmission? For maintenance or repairs, contact the team at Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia to set up an appointment. We have a wealth of experience performing services like RV and diesel repairs. Let us keep your vehicle transmission in optimal working condition.

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