Do You Need Transmission Replacement or Repair in Olympia?

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Do you have reason to believe your car may have a faulty transmission? Depending on its age, it may require a transmission replacement in Olympia. If you continue to drive, it could lead to further damage that spreads to the engine and other components. In addition, it also puts you at a safety risk on the road. If you have reason to suspect your transmission may be worn, then it’s time for professional auto repair. Here are the signs that point to a failing transmission.

Slipping Clutch

If your vehicle has a manual transmission, then you likely understand the basics of how a clutch works. This is the component that allows you to change gears as you speed up or slow down. When the clutch begins failing, you may notice it slipping. When this happens, transitioning to the next gear may not feel quite as smooth.

Trouble Shifting Gears

Another sign you need transmission repair or replacement is difficulty switching gears. The shifter may slip back into neutral when the vehicle is in motion, or you may feel like you have to “muscle it” to get the shifter into the desired gear. When this occurs, the car isn’t safe for use. Have it towed to an auto shop.

Fluid Leaks

Is there a liquid puddle where you park your car? If the puddle is reddish, then that’s likely transmission fluid that’s leaking. A technician will need to inspect the parts under the hood, as the leak can emanate from a number of sources.

Need Transmission Replacement in Olympia?

Some transmissions last as long as the vehicle; others do not. If the latter, then entrust the transmission replacement to the pros at Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia. We perform transmission inspections on most vehicle types, including RVs and vehicles with diesel engines.

Transmission Replacement in Olympia

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