Signs of Car Suspension Problems Near Tumwater

car suspension problems near Tumwater

The vehicle suspension is an integral component that’s often overlooked. This is the part that helps the vehicle absorb impacts and bumps in the road. Issues with the undercarriage can lead to other issues like compromised tires and a less responsive steering wheel. Here are the car suspension problems that might indicate abnormalities. Recognizing any of these signs warrants a trip to an auto service station near Tumwater without delay.

Car Pulls to One Side

You may notice the car gradually drift to one side even if the steering wheel is straight. This is usually a sign of an issue with one or more parts of the suspension, such as the tires, shock absorbers, or brakes. This may also be a sign of improper tire alignment.

Feeling the Bumps

You may start to fully feel the bumps of every pothole and speed bump. This may indicate that the shocks and struts are wearing out. One way to really test these parts is with the simple bounce test. With the car parked, place your hands on the hood and put all your body weight on it before letting go. If the car bounces more than once, then the shocks are worn.

Car Is Uneven

With a damaged suspension, one corner of the car may also be noticeably lower than the other corners. This may point to a damaged spring. If the car makes a squealing sound if you push down in the corner of the car, then there is likely a faulty spring.

Let Us Treat Your Car Suspension Problems Near Tumwater

Don’t Ignore the signs of suspension problems near Tumwater. Take action and make an appointment with Interstate Automotive right away. We perform suspension diagnosis, maintenance, and repairs for most vehicle types, including RVs, and diesel vehicles.

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