Signs You Need Clutch Repair Near Lacey

clutch repair near Lacey Though not as common nowadays, there are still quite a number of vehicles on the street with a manual transmission. Operating these cars requires the handling of a clutch and stick shift. Over time, the clutch may wear out and become less responsive. Here are the signs that your manual transmission car or truck may be in dire need of clutch repair near Lacey.

1. Spongy Clutch Pedal

When you engage the clutch pedal, it may feel what some drivers’ have described as a sponge-like feel. It may also feel loose, and some have also reported a vibration that they can feel travel through their foot. The sponge-like sensation is especially common in older cars and high-performance vehicles.

2. Grinding Sound

It’s also not uncommon to hear a grinding noise when engaging the clutch pedal. This may be a symptom of a defective clutch pressure plate or throwout bearing. There may also be a loose part inside the clutch plate or disc.

3. Stiff Clutch Pedal

Conversely, just as you may experience a sponge-like sensation, it’s also possible that the clutch pedal feels stiffer than normal. This may point to an issue with the master clutch cylinder. In any case, there’s a good chance the problem can be attributed to the clutch pressure plate.

4. Clutch Pedal Remains on the Floor

When you engage the clutch pedal, does it remain on the floor after your foot disengages? This is dangerous and can prevent you from properly shifting gears. This warrants auto repairs immediately.

Need Clutch Repairs Near Lacey?

A failing clutch can seriously impact your vehicle’s operation. If you suspect an issue, bring your car to Interstate Automotive for a proper diagnosis. We provide free towing if your car isn’t serviceable. This may be the case if you require clutch repair or other major automotive servicing.

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Posted on July 21, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business