Signs of Car Undercarriage Damage Near Lacey

car undercarriage damage near Lacey The undercarriage is an immensely important part of the vehicle. It comprises all the components beneath the cabin. It also performs more functions than most car owners realize. It protects the vehicle from road debris and houses critical parts like the steering system, gas tank, and exhaust system, among others. Here are the signs that may indicate car undercarriage damage near Lacey. These symptoms warrant a visit to an auto repair center right away.

Heavy Dents

Being exposed to road debris, the undercarriage is naturally going to incur superficial damage. Small denting is normal and to be expected. However, if you see deep inward denting, then the dented part may be compromised.  This could place more sensitive components like the bearings and exhaust system at risk of damage.


Exposure to water and snow can lead to rusted metal in the undercarriage. If serious enough, the rust can thin the metal enough to create holes in the surface. This puts the inner layers of the undercarriage parts at risk of exposure to the elements.


An inspection may reveal green or blue-like residue. These are signs of fluid leak and can occur if the undercarriage surface incurs damage from the aforementioned dents and rust. A leak can lead to the loss of vital fluids, such as transmission or brake fluids.

We Address Car Undercarriage Damage near Lacey

Don’t ignore the signs of car undercarriage damage near Lacey. A compromised undercarriage can lead to wear of critical components. This requires the attention of an auto service center. A technician from Interstate Automotive can pinpoint the damage and take the appropriate next steps. Our repair specialties are diverse and include the suspension and associating parts.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of Car Undercarriage Damage Near Lacey

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