Why Is Brake Maintenance Important in Olympia?

brake maintenance in Olympia Brake maintenance is an essential component of regular car care. This is something you must schedule as part of a regular auto service. Learn why brake upkeep matters and the consequences of not giving this all-important part the attention it needs.

Improves Stopping Power

Over time, the brakes begin to wear with use. This means stopping distance increases as well. This can be dangerous especially if you need to immediately stop in response to a road hazard in an emergency. An increase in stopping distance occurs gradually and may not be so noticeable, so it’s important to have a technician examine the brakes.

Extends Brake Life

The brake pads and rotors are the two main components that need to be replaced, every 50,000 miles and 70,000 miles respectively. If you continue to drive with either of these parts compromised, it can cause premature wear to the brakes as a whole.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Unbeknownst to most car owners, well-maintained brakes can also enhance fuel efficiency. When brakes are worn, the vehicle must expend more energy to get itself to come to a complete stop. The additional energy expenditure reduces fuel economy, albeit in a more indirect manner.

How Often to Service Your Brakes

A routine scheduled inspection includes an examination of the brakes. As long as you schedule maintenance in accordance with your vehicle’s user manual, then your brakes are in good hands. However, if you notice the brakes appear less responsive, then schedule maintenance right away.

Leave the Brake Maintenance in Olympia to Us

Schedule your next brake maintenance in Olympia at Interstate Automotive. We perform auto repairs if an inspection reveals key areas that require fixing or a parts replacement. We provide free towing if you can’t safely operate your vehicle.

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