Auto Maintenance Tips for Winter Driving in Olympia

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Winter is in full swing, and so are the accompanying chills. This makes winter auto maintenance for Olympia residents all the more important. Cold weather can have an adverse impact on automobiles, just as much as the summer heat. This is why it’s important to set up an appointment for auto maintenance just to be certain everything under the hood is working properly. Here are some additional auto care tips to be mindful of for winter commuting.

Check Headlights and Brake Lights

Winter entails more than just cold weather; there’s also less daylight. As such, you’ll rely on your lights more often. Check your headlights to be sure they’re bright and provide ample visibility. It’s also possible your lights may be fine but the light covers are clouded.

Check the Cooling System

If your car’s coolant is below the recommended levels or if it’s leaking antifreeze, the engine could freeze over when the mercury drops. A technician can provide recommendations on the best coolant for your vehicle model and year.

Check the Battery Voltage

It’s also a smart idea to have the mechanic inspect the vehicle’s battery voltage. Batteries typically operate better under warm to mild climates. Cold weather can affect internal battery fluids, hence why batteries suddenly die more often during this season. An inspection now can prevent a stop at the auto repair shop later.

Need Winter Auto Maintenance in Olympia?

Preventive care is a good practice to make a habit. Prioritize winter auto maintenance in Olympia by making an appointment with Interstate Automotive Inc. We perform maintenance on most vehicle types, including diesel vehicles and RVs. A pre-trip inspection drastically reduces the odds of vehicle troubles that could put a damper on your travels.

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