Car Maintenance Before Your Next Big Trip Around Tumwater

car maintenanceDo you have a lengthy road trip planned? This may be a long-anticipated trip with the family or a business trip. Either way, your car needs to be up to the task. This is best assured with pre-trip car maintenance at an auto service center. Here are areas of your automobile that require special attention prior to an extended commute.


If you’re going to drive long distances, checking your tires is essential, especially if you know you’ll be driving for a long time. Make tire checks, a tire rotation, and an alignment check a part of the checkup before you leave. In addition, assessing the tire for ample tread depth is another necessity.


The battery is another required checkup. Have a look at the battery and test for its charge. You’ll also need to examine the terminals for wear or corrosion buildup. A weak battery may fail abruptly, leaving you stranded and relying on a towing center.


Brakes usually fail gradually, and you’ll notice diminished stopping ability. This can become a safety risk and is a serious liability especially if traveling with the family. Have brake parts like the pads and rotor looked at. This is essential if you notice it’s taking longer for the vehicle to come to a complete stop. 

Don’t Know Where to Go for Car Maintenance Near Tumwater?

Do you have an upcoming travel plan but aren’t sure where to take your vehicle for a pre-trip check? If you’re looking for a dependable auto company in your area, bring your car to Interstate Automotive Inc. today. We perform a diverse spectrum of services, including care for tires, batteries, transmissions, and brakes. If you need maintenance or auto repairs, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Pre-Trip Car Maintenance Services

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