Why You Should Never Skip an Oil Change Near Tumwater

oil change near Tumwater Know when your vehicle is due for an oil change. As a rule of thumb, you should schedule this all-important task with an auto technician every 3,000-5,000 miles. There are high-performance oils that allow more mileage between changes, but you have to request these synthetic oils. Even with high-grade oils, you can’t skip interval oil inspections from a mechanic. The engine will take a hit and experience accelerated wear. Here are the reasons an oil change is so important for your vehicle’s longevity.

Oil Keeps Your Engine Lubricated

Regular oil changes at an auto service shop keep the engine lubricated and ensure factory-level specifications. If the oil becomes stale, the engine metal parts will begin to grind against each other, causing damage and overheating.

Oil Keeps Rusting at Bay

Rust is bad news for your car. Preventing rust is a pivotal aspect of good car maintenance. Oil changes offset rust and keep it from accumulating on the engine’s metallic components.

Oil Prevents Overheating

You never want your engine to get too hot. Fresh oil ensures the automobile functions at the optimum temperature. Forgoing an oil change may lead to the engine overworking and collecting too much heat for the radiator to shuttle out.

We Perform an Oil Change on all Models Near Tumwater

Is your car in need of an oil change? Don’t hold off any longer if your vehicle is performing less than optimally. Get your car to Interstate Automotive Inc. today to have the oil changed or drained. Our experienced and professional technicians will be more than happy to help you. To learn more about our auto service, visit our website for more info. Stranded somewhere? We provide free towing for major repairs! Set up an appointment today.

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