Do You Need a Tire Shop and Repair Near Me?

tire shop and repair near me As a car owner near Lacey, you likely know the importance of your tires. Adequate maintenance doesn’t just keep you safe on the road, it also promotes optimal performance and mileage. This is why you should utilize the services of a tire shop and repair near me. Here are the services you can expect when a professional assesses your tires.

Tires Need Attention Every Season

The temperature and seasons have a major impact on your tires. In fact, a temperature change of just 10 degrees is enough to induce a pressure change in the tire interior. It’s a safety risk to drive with under-inflated tires. As a cautionary step, get your car to an auto repair shop for a tire check at the start of each season.

Rotate Your Tires

Tires have a limited life. When moving, the friction causes the rubber to slowly wear out. This wear and tear, however, doesn’t always happen at an even pace. As the miles accrue, this impacts vehicle response. To ensure even wear, ask the technician whether a rotation is needed.

Put New Tires on the Back

Replacing worn tires is an essential aspect of car care. Buying four new tires at once is the best investment. If this isn’t possible, though, then the next best solution is to have the auto shop center install the new tires at the rear and move the old rear tires to the front. 

Need a Tire Shop and Repair Near Me?

Get your car to Interstate Automotive Inc. today for prompt services. If your tires are beyond worn and not fit for driving, we provide free towing. We ensure your tires provide optimal traction and performance for civilian and fleet vehicles alike.

Tire Shop and Repair Near Me

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