Do You Need Transmission Replacement or Repair in Olympia?

transmission replacement, transmission repair

Do you have reason to believe your car may have a faulty transmission? Depending on its age, it may require a transmission replacement in Olympia. If you continue to drive, it could lead to further damage that spreads to the engine and other components. In addition, it also puts you at a safety risk on the road. If you have reason to suspect your transmission may be worn, then it’s time for professional auto repair. Here are the signs that point to a failing transmission.

Slipping Clutch

If your vehicle has a manual transmission, then you likely understand the basics of how a clutch works. This is the component that allows you to change gears as you speed up or slow down. When the clutch begins failing, you may notice it slipping. When this happens, transitioning to the next gear may not feel quite as smooth. Continue Reading →

How to Maximize Your Car Transmission’s Life Near Tumwater

car transmissionYour car transmission is an essential component of your vehicle near Tumwater. Transmission repair and rebuilds are quite expensive, which is reason enough to keep wear to a minimum. While your local auto technician can perform small-scale repairs as they come up, prevention measures are the best course of action. Here are easy and inexpensive ways to extend transmission life.

Flush Your Transmission

You don’t need a transmission flush as often as an oil change. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary task that should be performed in accordance with your vehicle’s user manual. This removes most contaminants and impurities from the transmission’s internal system.

Select Synthetic Fluids

Synthetic fluids are best for most modern transmissions. However, always consult with a technician regarding the best motor oil options for your automobile make and model. Synthetic oils may cost more, but their higher heat tolerance makes them a more effective solution for maintaining smooth engine and transmission performance. Refer to your car’s instruction manual to find out what oil type is recommended by the manufacturer.

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How to Know if your Transmission Needs Repair Near Lacey

transmission repairMost car owners have a hard time knowing when their vehicles are due for transmission repair near Lacey. This is why it’s crucial to identify the signs and act immediately. A faulty transmission can cause long-term damage and negatively impact performance.

1. Car Vibrates While in Motion

Do you notice vibrations or shaking sensations, particularly when accelerating or at a specific range of speed? This is usually an indicator of abnormalities going on in the transmission.

2. Transmission Slips or Hesitates

When you accelerate, you should pick up speed while clearly hearing the engine rev up. However, if you only notice the latter with zero change in speed, then the transmission may be slipping gears. You’ll especially notice this in the morning when starting the car for the first time in the day. Continue Reading →

Preparation Tips for Transmission Repair in Olympia

transmission repair, transmission repair preparation Are you concerned that there’s something not quite right with your vehicle in Olympia, Washington? If you’ve noticed whining/clunking noises, burning odors, or your engine warning light has activated, then you may have transmission problems. These are not signs to ignore, and you should take action, pronto. Here are some transmission repair preparation steps we recommend both prior to and during repairs.

Ask Questions

During auto repairs, ask the mechanic any questions you may have. A diagnosis will reveal the precise problem with the transmission, and the mechanic will give you a detailed report. If you have additional inquiries or concerns, this is the occasion to bring them up. Take advantage of the fact that an auto service professional is in front of you.

Request Estimates

Always get an estimate in writing before the technician begins work on your vehicle. If additional repair work is required, request that they bring it to your attention beforehand. This way, you aren’t caught off guard by additional costs and repair time.

Clean Out Your Vehicle

You also need to clear out your car before the appointment. The technicians may need to get inside the cabin. It unnecessarily makes the mechanic’s job harder if there is garbage and clutter strewn about the driver’s and front passenger’s side of the interior.

Get Started with Transmission Repair Preparation in Olympia

Is your car due for transmission repair in Olympia? Transmission repair preparation ensures a smoother process for everyone involved. At Interstate Automotive Inc., we provide transmission maintenance on personal and commercial vehicles alike. It’s among the many repair specialties we provide, and that is why we’re one of the most trusted industry professionals in the local area. If you suspect a faulty transmission, don’t delay and act immediately by giving us a call.

Transmission Repair Preparation in Olympia

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Signs You Need Transmission Repair Near Tumwater

transmission repair

Are you concerned there’s something wrong with your vehicle near Tumwater, Washington? Depending on the symptoms, your car may require a transmission repair. It’s crucial that drivers recognize the potential transmission repair signs and schedule auto repair right away. Holding off can lead to further damage, potentially leading to an expensive transmission rebuild or even an entire replacement. Here are the signs to keep an eye out for. Take action by scheduling an appointment. You don’t want to ignore these signs and continue to drive as if nothing is wrong.

Whining and/or Clunking Sounds

Whining and/or clunking noises may be an early indicator of something wrong with the transmission. Don’t ignore these sounds because they’re not normal. Schedule auto service if you hear these unusual sounds while the vehicle is in motion.

Burning Smells

Unusual odors also warrant an immediate stop at a mechanic shop. A burning smell is usually a sign of overheating transmission fluid. This can lead to accelerated wear of the transmission if the issue is ignored for prolonged periods.

Engine Light Activation

A telltale sign you require transmission repair is if the check engine light comes on. Of course, the light icon can indicate a number of problems, so there’s really no way of knowing for certain until you have a technician run a diagnostic check.

Don’t Ignore the Transmission Repair Signs Near Tumwater

Do you suspect your vehicle may be due for transmission servicing near Tumwater? If any of the above transmission repair signs are apparent, don’t delay and schedule an appointment with Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia. Our seasoned and certified technicians have years of experience performing transmission and engine diagnosing on most models. Our repair specialties are diverse and also include diesel and RV servicing among others.

Transmission Repair Experts Near Tumwater

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Olympia Auto Service: Check Engine Light Diagnostics

check engine light

Did an icon light up in your dashboard? The check engine light’s purpose is to alert you when something is wrong with the vehicle. This can stem from a number of issues, which is why it’s crucial to bring your vehicle in for possible auto repairs in Olympia. We cannot stress the importance of a check engine light diagnostic. Never continue to drive as if nothing is wrong.

Damaged/Missing Gas Cap

Luckily, some issues are deceptively simple to fix. For example, if you have a missing gas cap, you can easily replace it; a replacement cap is very inexpensive. Unbeknownst to most motorists, the lack of a gas cap does negatively impact fuel economy.

Faulty Spark Plug

Despite being a physically small component, a spark plug plays a major role. It’s responsible for fuel combustion in the engine. You’ll need to address a faulty spark plug at an auto repair center. Driving with a bad spark plug will have an adverse impact on engine performance.

Oxygen Sensor Malfunction

Depending on the diagnostic data, the mechanic may need to repair the car’s oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor regulates the air-to-fuel ratio and the level of air that enters the combustion chamber. Operating the vehicle with a compromised oxygen sensor can drastically reduce fuel efficiency. 

Need to Schedule a Check Engine Light Diagnostic in Olympia?

Did a check engine icon light up in Olympia, Washington? Don’t hold off on professional auto services. Make an appointment at Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia right away. We provide free towing if your vehicle is no longer operable or if you suspect it’s not safe to drive. We service all models, including commercial fleet vehicles. Don’t hesitate to entrust automobile care to us for a check engine light diagnostic.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic in Olympia

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Auto Maintenance Scheduling Tips for Your Vehicle Near Tumwater

auto maintenance tips, maintenance schedule

We recommend regular vehicle maintenance if you don’t already commit to routine servicing near Tumwater. This will prevent the need for expensive auto repairs down the line. The following auto maintenance tips are good advice to heed in order to get the most out of each service appointment.

Track Mileage Checkpoints

You should schedule auto servicing whenever you reach certain mileage points on the odometer. The exact mileage points will differ based on the model and year. The vehicle user manual should specify what these mileage intervals are.

Make an Appointment Every Season

It’s also a good idea to arrange for maintenance at least once per season. we especially recommend this during the summer and winter seasons. Due to the extreme temperatures, your vehicle may be more susceptible to damage during these times of the year. Even relatively minor temperature shifts can tax vital car components.

Change Drivers

Another good tip is to let someone else drive your car. You can do this by asking a trusted friend or neighbor to drive the vehicle around the block. Car problems arise gradually over time. If you drive your car every day, then you may not quite notice them, whereas problems will be immediately noticeable to someone driving your car for the first time.

Auto Maintenance Tips for All Car Owners Near Tumwater

These auto maintenance tips near Tumwater ensure that problems don’t arise to the level where they require expensive repairs or rebuilds. Contact Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia to make an appointment today. Our many specialties include RV repair and diesel engine servicing. We have the industry knowledge to perform all work to strict protocols. Make routine maintenance sessions a regular affair to ensure automobile health and longevity.

Auto Maintenance Tips Near Tumwater

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Recommended Yearly Auto Maintenance for High-Mileage Vehicles Near Lacey

yearly auto maintenance, auto maintenance

Do you own a vehicle with mileage at or near the six-digit range? This makes your vehicle a high-mileage automobile. The good news is that most modern vehicles can still operate reliably even as you rack up the miles. However, in order to maintain solid performance, you have to adhere to yearly auto maintenance at a certified auto service center. Here is a list of services that should be addressed by a technician for your high-mileage car.


Failing brakes can be a grave safety liability. A mechanic should perform an annual check of the brake components, which includes parts like the rotors, pads, and brake fluid. Compromised brakes put you and the people you share the road with in a dangerous peril.


Older cars also have older batteries if you don’t frequently replace them. A yearly check should include a visual inspection of the terminals for corrosion. An auto repair center can also replace the battery if a voltage check reveals low power. 

AC System

Older cars are more likely to have AC troubles, which can make summer commuting borderline hellish. A mechanic will perform an inspection of integral AC parts like the compressor, condenser, and evaporator coil.

Schedule Yearly Auto Maintenance Near Lacey

Do you have a vehicle that has quite an amount of miles under its belt? This makes it more imperative that you follow a yearly auto maintenance routine near Lacey. Begin by contacting the pros at Interstate Automotive for a professional assessment of your automobile. We also perform maintenance of high-mileage RVs and diesel vehicles. Whatever the case, if your vehicle has accrued miles ranging in the six-digit range, don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

Yearly Auto Maintenance Near Lacey

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Olympia Auto Repair Shop: Signs It’s Time for a Car Battery Replacement

car battery replacement, replace car battery signs

Do you suspect you may need a car battery replacement? The battery will usually give you signs it’s on the brink of failure. To avoid a dead battery, bring your vehicle in for auto service in Olympia if you notice the following symptoms.

Engine Cranks Slowly

When you turn the ignition, is it taking longer than normal to crank? If you notice a sluggish engine, the battery may be low on power. Bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop to perform a voltage test on the battery. If the cranking causes the battery to die altogether, then you’ll need to arrange for towing to get the car to an auto shop.

Check Engine Light is On

Did the check engine light come on? The check engine light can indicate a number of problems, among which is a dying battery. A technician will need to perform a diagnosis to determine the underlying problem. 

Battery Case is Swelling

Does the battery case appear swollen or bulging from the sides? This is a clear giveaway that you need a new battery. A swollen battery case is especially common during temperature extremes in the summer and winter. This is a sign of molecular changes taking place within the fluids inside the battery cell.

Need a Car Battery Replacement in Olympia?

Is your battery exhibiting signs of low juice? It’s time for an appointment with the pros at Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia. A car battery replacement is essential to ensure your car doesn’t fail to start in the most inopportune moment. We can perform a voltage check; based on the results, we can charge the battery or replace it. Leave it to us to get your car back on the road in no time.

Car Battery Replacement in Olympia

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How to Find a Reliable Tumwater Auto Repair Shop

auto repair

Is your vehicle in need of service? Finding a reliable auto repair service in Tumwater isn’t always easy, considering there are dozens of automotive shops in the area. It’s hard to identify which shops provide excellent quality. To simplify your search, here are some tips to help you locate a reputable auto service.

High Customer Satisfaction Rating

A good way to identify a high-quality shop is to read reviews from past customers. Avoid shops that have too many negative reviews or have no reviews at all. Auto shops with zero reviews are likely still new. Shops with too many bad reviews likely have quality assurance issues. 

Free Estimates

An auto shop should be able to provide an estimate at no cost or for a very low fee. Some companies do charge a small price especially if inspections require removing and reinstalling parts to locate the problem. Whether you need transmission repair or a spark plug replacement, never agree to repairs without acquiring an estimate in writing.

Parts and Labor Warranties

Inquire whether repairs come with a warranty or a money-back guarantee. This is especially important in repairs requiring replacement parts. This is a financial safety net in the event the same problem arises not long after repairs. 

Need Reliable Auto Repair Near Tumwater?

Have you been scouring the Web for reliable auto repair near Tumwater? The above tips will help you find a company that you can trust and rely on time and again. Contact Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia to make an appointment for an initial vehicle inspection. We examine all vehicle types, including RVs and diesel trucks. Our shop is equipped with industry-standard equipment. Rest assured our team will provide accurate and timely diagnosis and repairs.

Reliable Auto Repair Near Tumwater

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