Know When You Need General Auto Repair Near Me

auto repair near me At times, it’s easy to overlook the apparently small issues your car may have. You may think, “That’s weird,” and plan to have a mechanic conduct an inspection, but totally forget about it when other day-to-day activities arise. This happens to all of us to some degree, so no need to feel bad. Nevertheless, it’s of utmost importance that you make plans for the necessary auto repair near me. Holding off on critical care can worsen problems, leading to higher repair fees. Here are some indicators it’s time to call an auto repair shop to set up an appointment with a technician.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Always pay attention to the dashboard warning lights. These let you know when an issue is present under the hood. If you see a light switch on, schedule car maintenance ASAP. Continue Reading →

Understanding Why Your Check Engine Light Is On Near Lacey

check engine lightDid the check engine light just light up? Unfortunately, it can be tricky knowing the cause of this warning light without professional assistance. You’ll need to get your vehicle to an auto technician to truly know why the light has abruptly switched on. Don’t continue to drive for long periods when this light is on. The problem may be small, but it could also be a more severe underlying issue. Operating your vehicle when there’s a problem can make things worse, leading to more expensive repairs.

While an auto repair specialist can conduct an engine diagnostic to identify the root issue, here are several reasons why the light may turn on.

Damaged or Missing Gas Cap

A cause for the check engine light activating is that you have a damaged gas cap or a cap that’s missing. This is a relatively small issue and has an easy solution: stop by an auto service center for an inexpensive replacement and installation.

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Car Maintenance Before Your Next Big Trip Around Tumwater

car maintenanceDo you have a lengthy road trip planned? This may be a long-anticipated trip with the family or a business trip. Either way, your car needs to be up to the task. This is best assured with pre-trip car maintenance at an auto service center. Here are areas of your automobile that require special attention prior to an extended commute.


If you’re going to drive long distances, checking your tires is essential, especially if you know you’ll be driving for a long time. Make tire checks, a tire rotation, and an alignment check a part of the checkup before you leave. In addition, assessing the tire for ample tread depth is another necessity.

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Auto Maintenance Tips for Winter Driving in Olympia

winter auto maintenance, winter maintenance

Winter is in full swing, and so are the accompanying chills. This makes winter auto maintenance for Olympia residents all the more important. Cold weather can have an adverse impact on automobiles, just as much as the summer heat. This is why it’s important to set up an appointment for auto maintenance just to be certain everything under the hood is working properly. Here are some additional auto care tips to be mindful of for winter commuting.

Check Headlights and Brake Lights

Winter entails more than just cold weather; there’s also less daylight. As such, you’ll rely on your lights more often. Check your headlights to be sure they’re bright and provide ample visibility. It’s also possible your lights may be fine but the light covers are clouded.

Check the Cooling System

If your car’s coolant is below the recommended levels or if it’s leaking antifreeze, the engine could freeze over when the mercury drops. A technician can provide recommendations on the best coolant for your vehicle model and year.

Check the Battery Voltage

It’s also a smart idea to have the mechanic inspect the vehicle’s battery voltage. Batteries typically operate better under warm to mild climates. Cold weather can affect internal battery fluids, hence why batteries suddenly die more often during this season. An inspection now can prevent a stop at the auto repair shop later.

Need Winter Auto Maintenance in Olympia?

Preventive care is a good practice to make a habit. Prioritize winter auto maintenance in Olympia by making an appointment with Interstate Automotive Inc. We perform maintenance on most vehicle types, including diesel vehicles and RVs. A pre-trip inspection drastically reduces the odds of vehicle troubles that could put a damper on your travels.

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Winter Tires: Tips from Expert Auto Technicians Near Lacey

winter tires

Winter is near, but is your vehicle prepared for the increasingly cold weather? The Lacey region isn’t the coldest in the country, but it does get cold enough for light snow and ice to form on the road. This is why winter tires may be beneficial to ensure proper control on otherwise dangerously slippery roads. If you’re contemplating making the switch, discuss this with your local mechanic during your next seasonal auto maintenance. The technician can install the appropriate tires for your car type. Here are factors that may help you decide whether winter tires are the right choice.

Always Get Winter Tires

Do you anticipate driving under a lot of snow and ice? If so, then we highly recommend making the switch. This is even more important if you expect to drive under these conditions daily and for long periods.

All-Season Tires Aren’t Sufficient

Is your vehicle currently fitted with all-season tires? As suggested in its name, these tires are designed for year-round temperatures. While they can hold up under some ice and minor snow, they may not provide optimal traction under heavier ice and snow.

Avoid Tire Chains and Pavement

Chains are a good choice in regions with constant snowfall. The issue, though, is that chained tires cannot function under snow-free roads. While they’re usually unnecessary, an auto repair specialist can advise you whether they’re required.

Need New Winter Tires Near Lacey?

Do you suspect you may need winter tires for the impending weather around Lacey? Now that you understand the value of this seasonal tire, talk to a professional at Interstate Automotive Inc. in Olympia for further guidance. We install tires for all car types, including diesel vehicles. We can make a professional recommendation based on your vehicle model and commuting habits.

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Why Is My Check Engine Light on Around Tumwater?

check engine lightYou’re driving in or around Tumwater as usual when out of the blue an icon on your dashboard lights up. A dreaded feeling creeps in whenever this happens. There’s never an opportune time for vehicle troubles. However, this is an issue that cannot be ignored. This is the car’s way of telling you something isn’t right and you may need auto repair right away. The next step is to make an appointment for check engine light repairs. Here are what some of the icons indicate.

Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen sensors monitor the oxygen level burned while the vehicle is in motion. A faulty oxygen sensor is a typical car maintenance issue. If this part isn’t operating normally, it can lead to a host of other issues, such as decreased fuel economy and potential engine and transmission troubles.

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Why Is Brake Maintenance Important in Olympia?

brake maintenance in Olympia Brake maintenance is an essential component of regular car care. This is something you must schedule as part of a regular auto service. Learn why brake upkeep matters and the consequences of not giving this all-important part the attention it needs.

Improves Stopping Power

Over time, the brakes begin to wear with use. This means stopping distance increases as well. This can be dangerous especially if you need to immediately stop in response to a road hazard in an emergency. An increase in stopping distance occurs gradually and may not be so noticeable, so it’s important to have a technician examine the brakes.

Extends Brake Life

The brake pads and rotors are the two main components that need to be replaced, every 50,000 miles and 70,000 miles respectively. If you continue to drive with either of these parts compromised, it can cause premature wear to the brakes as a whole.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Unbeknownst to most car owners, well-maintained brakes can also enhance fuel efficiency. When brakes are worn, the vehicle must expend more energy to get itself to come to a complete stop. The additional energy expenditure reduces fuel economy, albeit in a more indirect manner.

How Often to Service Your Brakes

A routine scheduled inspection includes an examination of the brakes. As long as you schedule maintenance in accordance with your vehicle’s user manual, then your brakes are in good hands. However, if you notice the brakes appear less responsive, then schedule maintenance right away.

Leave the Brake Maintenance in Olympia to Us

Schedule your next brake maintenance in Olympia at Interstate Automotive. We perform auto repairs if an inspection reveals key areas that require fixing or a parts replacement. We provide free towing if you can’t safely operate your vehicle.

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Signs of Car Undercarriage Damage Near Lacey

car undercarriage damage near Lacey The undercarriage is an immensely important part of the vehicle. It comprises all the components beneath the cabin. It also performs more functions than most car owners realize. It protects the vehicle from road debris and houses critical parts like the steering system, gas tank, and exhaust system, among others. Here are the signs that may indicate car undercarriage damage near Lacey. These symptoms warrant a visit to an auto repair center right away.

Heavy Dents

Being exposed to road debris, the undercarriage is naturally going to incur superficial damage. Small denting is normal and to be expected. However, if you see deep inward denting, then the dented part may be compromised.  This could place more sensitive components like the bearings and exhaust system at risk of damage.


Exposure to water and snow can lead to rusted metal in the undercarriage. If serious enough, the rust can thin the metal enough to create holes in the surface. This puts the inner layers of the undercarriage parts at risk of exposure to the elements.


An inspection may reveal green or blue-like residue. These are signs of fluid leak and can occur if the undercarriage surface incurs damage from the aforementioned dents and rust. A leak can lead to the loss of vital fluids, such as transmission or brake fluids.

We Address Car Undercarriage Damage near Lacey

Don’t ignore the signs of car undercarriage damage near Lacey. A compromised undercarriage can lead to wear of critical components. This requires the attention of an auto service center. A technician from Interstate Automotive can pinpoint the damage and take the appropriate next steps. Our repair specialties are diverse and include the suspension and associating parts.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of Car Undercarriage Damage Near Lacey

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Signs You Need Clutch Repair Near Lacey

clutch repair near Lacey Though not as common nowadays, there are still quite a number of vehicles on the street with a manual transmission. Operating these cars requires the handling of a clutch and stick shift. Over time, the clutch may wear out and become less responsive. Here are the signs that your manual transmission car or truck may be in dire need of clutch repair near Lacey.

1. Spongy Clutch Pedal

When you engage the clutch pedal, it may feel what some drivers’ have described as a sponge-like feel. It may also feel loose, and some have also reported a vibration that they can feel travel through their foot. The sponge-like sensation is especially common in older cars and high-performance vehicles.

2. Grinding Sound

It’s also not uncommon to hear a grinding noise when engaging the clutch pedal. This may be a symptom of a defective clutch pressure plate or throwout bearing. There may also be a loose part inside the clutch plate or disc.

3. Stiff Clutch Pedal

Conversely, just as you may experience a sponge-like sensation, it’s also possible that the clutch pedal feels stiffer than normal. This may point to an issue with the master clutch cylinder. In any case, there’s a good chance the problem can be attributed to the clutch pressure plate.

4. Clutch Pedal Remains on the Floor

When you engage the clutch pedal, does it remain on the floor after your foot disengages? This is dangerous and can prevent you from properly shifting gears. This warrants auto repairs immediately.

Need Clutch Repairs Near Lacey?

A failing clutch can seriously impact your vehicle’s operation. If you suspect an issue, bring your car to Interstate Automotive for a proper diagnosis. We provide free towing if your car isn’t serviceable. This may be the case if you require clutch repair or other major automotive servicing.

Professional Clutch Repair near Lacey

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Signs of Car Suspension Problems Near Tumwater

car suspension problems near Tumwater

The vehicle suspension is an integral component that’s often overlooked. This is the part that helps the vehicle absorb impacts and bumps in the road. Issues with the undercarriage can lead to other issues like compromised tires and a less responsive steering wheel. Here are the car suspension problems that might indicate abnormalities. Recognizing any of these signs warrants a trip to an auto service station near Tumwater without delay.

Car Pulls to One Side

You may notice the car gradually drift to one side even if the steering wheel is straight. This is usually a sign of an issue with one or more parts of the suspension, such as the tires, shock absorbers, or brakes. This may also be a sign of improper tire alignment.

Feeling the Bumps

You may start to fully feel the bumps of every pothole and speed bump. This may indicate that the shocks and struts are wearing out. One way to really test these parts is with the simple bounce test. With the car parked, place your hands on the hood and put all your body weight on it before letting go. If the car bounces more than once, then the shocks are worn.

Car Is Uneven

With a damaged suspension, one corner of the car may also be noticeably lower than the other corners. This may point to a damaged spring. If the car makes a squealing sound if you push down in the corner of the car, then there is likely a faulty spring.

Let Us Treat Your Car Suspension Problems Near Tumwater

Don’t Ignore the signs of suspension problems near Tumwater. Take action and make an appointment with Interstate Automotive right away. We perform suspension diagnosis, maintenance, and repairs for most vehicle types, including RVs, and diesel vehicles.

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