Expert RV Repair & Service in the Olympia, Lacey & Tumwater Area

Unlike your regular home, your rolling home has most of the same parts as your regular vehicles – just on a larger scale. And those parts, like your regular vehicles, need regular service and, sometimes, repair. The expert technicians at Interstate Automotive have been providing expert RV repair and service for decades, and are well-equipped to give your motorhome the attention it needs to keep running smoothly and dependably.

RV Oil & Filter Change

RV repair and service in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater

Bring your RV to Interstate Automotive for fluid changes and a pre-season inspection. We’ll let you know if there’s anything needing attention before you head out on your next adventure. Our technicians will never try to oversell or scare you into buying unneeded services or repairs.  We’re straight shooters with our customers, and have been since 1987. Our great reputation depends on it.

RV Fuel Systems Service & Repair

Many motorhomes use a diesel engine, which requires exact metering and timing of fuel and compression-generated heat for ignition. Diesel fuel systems are more complex than those of gasoline engines, and clean, ‘dry’ fuel is essential for proper fuel-injection operation. Small dirt particles can plug injector nozzles and reduce reliability, fuel performance and economy, and we can make sure your rolling home is running clean and dry.

RV repair and service in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater

RV Cooling System Repair

Your RV cooling system is also very important since your engine works very hard to roll your ‘home’ down the road.  Coolant and airflow need to be well maintained to avoid engine overheating, and if your RV has a radiator located in the rear, it’s especially prone to becoming clogged. Oil fumes and dirt can coat cooling fins and block air flow, and the RV technicians at Interstate Automotive can clean it up and get you cooled down without damaging delicate parts.

RV Brake Repair

Check your RV brakes before the season starts or before heading out on a long trip. Mountain roads and passes are often part of the trip, and you don’t want fading RV brakes fading at a bad time. Condensation can also collect in brake systems over periods of non-use, leading to softness in brake pedal operation and a loss of braking power. RV brake fluid should be drained and replaced every three years for this reason. Be safe this RV season by having the RV repair and service pros at Interstate Automotive check out your braking system.

Contact us to set an appointment for your RV repair, service or safety inspection. We also provide expert auto repair and servicediesel repair and transmission repair, and be sure to check out our special towing offer!

Quality RV Repair and Service in the Olympia, Lacey & Tumwater Area

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